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Business Coach Royston

Generalist vs. Specialist

No matter what industry you’re in you’ll tend to look at things with certain assumptions that naturally stem from your particular sector.

So a basic example is that you may get paid after you’ve completed a job because that’s your industry standard. However, following industry standards blindly is not a good way to build a strong business.

I’ve owned businesses in different sectors for 20-odd years but wasn’t an expert in any of them. I hired people that knew the sector and made sure I learnt bloody fast!

I’m a generalist, not a specialist, which means my expertise lies in running businesses and making them profitable. I have the confidence that no matter what field I’m working in that I can make it succeed.

This can be a foreign concept for some business leaders.

One of the first questions many business owners ask when I’m talking to them about coaching/mentoring is “What experience do you have in my industry?” They ask this as they believe it to be a prerequisite……….but it isn’t!

You actually want someone that’s never worked in your industry before because they don’t have any of the preconceived ideas that you have and can look at your operation with unbiased clarity.

They’ll view your business as your customers would, not as someone with fixed ideas and only focused on your sector. Most importantly, they will challenge your thinking, challenge your way of doing business and hold you accountable. And THAT is what most of us need to achieve success.