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Bury St Edmunds Business Coach

Do you understand what your prospects are REALLY buying?

When selling anything the first thing to understand is why people may buy your particular product or service and what it is that they are really buying.

Almost always people buy something to SOLVE A PROBLEM

So, imagine you’re a Golf Pro. People do not buy your golf lessons, they buy a vision of how good they will feel and perhaps how they will be perceived by their peers when following your lessons, they have a great handicap and are flying around the course like a seasoned pro.

In other words, people buy to satisfy their own needs and desires and this important basic premise is frequently overlooked.  A Golf Pro may try to sign up a new client based on their own amazing playing ability or style of teaching because they think it’s important to the customer.  Don’t make this mistake, always look at your product or service as it is perceived through the eyes of your potential clients.

So, some of the more common buying motives are:

  • The need to feel secure
  • The need to feel appreciated
  • The need to eliminate or lessen fear (real or perceived)
  • The need to feel good
  • The need to enhance self-image
  • The need to improve, grow and enjoy new experiences

By listening intently to discover your prospect’s true motives you can structure your sales presentation to reinforce these motives and provide answers that meet their objectives.  Then when a prospect can clearly see that they’ve something to gain by buying from you they’re way more likely to sign up.

Due to times past many people still think of selling as a distasteful, stressful and manipulative activity. Most of us resent having a product or service forced upon us and would not want to inflict the same to others.  Nearly everyone however, enjoys the satisfaction experienced from helping others and this is the basis of selling in the 21st Century.

Remember: “Everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold”

To sum up, if you are to make a successful sales presentation, you must understand the problems your prospect needs you to solve, and what feelings they hope to gain if they buy from you. Spend more time discovering their motives and uncovering some emotion and your sales will flourish.