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Tim Boutle - Testimonials and Reviews

“I’ve worked with Tim over several years and have always found his knowledge from a first hand experience second to none. Unlike many consultants, Tim has actually walked the walk and has shared a lot of his experiences, which in turn has allowed me to save valuable time and money avoiding business issues I would have otherwise walked headlong into. Highly recommended.” – Paul H (Consultancy)

“I approached Tim to help advise me on a shareholder buyout for my business. I found him to be extremely helpful, friendly and approachable, and he guided me to a solution which was perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing consultancy on any part of their business.”  – Sasha E (Consultancy)

“We’ve worked with Tim over a number of years, the systems and procedures we now have in place have improved our work place considerably. Tim has a friendly but persistent manner that holds you to account to do what you know you should do! Would not hesitate in recommending”  – Ros F (Manufacturing)

“If you are looking for a great business advisor who doesn’t just regurgitate others material and spout sound bites, speak to Tim”  – Russell B  (Consultancy)

“I love working with Tim, he has been my sanity check for 6 months now.  I would recommend his services to anyone looking to build their business. Tim offers advice and experience on all aspects of business, he delivers this with a smile and a sense of humour too.  If you want to succeed he comes highly recommended.”  – Trevor P (Engineering)

“We have worked with Tim on and off for a number of years and during this time have found his assistance invaluable. He questions our thoughts and isn’t afraid to say how it is. In one particular case because of this he ended up saving us a considerable amount of money. He’s a good guy and we’d have no problem whatsoever recommending his services.”  – Peter S (Consultancy)

“A short session with Tim helped me to work through the options facing me when my business was at a crossroads. Despite the fact that we were using Skype (to fit in with my diary), he engaged me quickly, asked good questions, challenged me when necessary and summed up accurately.  The depth of his experience means that he knows what he is talking about, having seen most SME problems and opportunities before.  Even though I had to face up to some tough decisions, I enjoyed our discussion and highly recommend him to other businesses”  – Joe B  (Consultancy)

“Tim is a very diligent, professional and personable individual seeking the best outcome for his client”  –  Nick A (Commercial Property – International Partner)

Tim has been working with Engineering Electrics Ltd. for the past 8 months bringing with him a wealth of knowledge into our organisation. Some of the areas which have been improved already since working with Tim, recruitment techniques, increasing profits by changing small details and lots of positivity. Being a business leader I would highly recommend him.  – Danny S  (Engineering)

“I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to any organisation wanting to work with an experienced business advisor”   – Robin W  (Accountant)

“I’ve been working with Tim for nearly a year and we have made some incredible changes to my business for the better. It’s great having someone to share thoughts and ideas with, plus guidance and better planning in place. I would highly recommend Tim if you want your company to succeed”   – Lesley W  (Recruitment)

“We have been working with Tim for the last 10 months. He has helped us understand our business in ways we never did before. He has given us confidence and the tools in which to grow both our business and ourselves personally. Tim is an all-round good guy, and we are blessed that he is working with us to help take our business to new heights. We would definitely 100% recommend bringing Tim on board with your business”   – Sandra I  (Manufacturing and Installation)

“He has the ability to look behind the numbers and see where the real value is and more importantly, where that value can be enhanced and realised.”   – Philip H  (Transport / Haulage)

“I would recommend Tim to any organisation looking to work with an advisor with great understanding and knowledge along with a passion for business.”  – Bevan D  (Commercial property)

“I believe that he can add real value, not only from his knowledge and experience from having been there and done it, but also from his analytical approach and ability to look for and see things that others don’t.”   – Philip H  (Transport / Haulage)

“One aspect of Tim’s business acumen and character that has greatly impressed me is his ability to adapt to and manage business cultures and market demands in very different business environments.”   – Robin W  (Accountant)